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Ibrahim Al-Zayat (Brotherhood Finance Minister) has been stripped of all his positions in the German Muslim Council

editor- September 19, 2022

Special: Berlin The Supreme Council of Muslims in Germany, in its meeting yesterday on September 18, stripped Ibrahim Al-Zayat (Brotherhood Finance Minister) of all his ... Read More

Canada will return a sanctioned Nord Stream 1 turbine to ease Germany’s gas crisis

editor- July 10, 2022

Canada’s government said it would permit the return of a turbine to Germany that’s needed to operate a key Russian pipeline, a step intended to ... Read More

U.S. and G-7 Allies Detail Infrastructure Plan to Challenge China

editor- June 26, 2022

The U.S. and allies on Sunday laid out plans to invest hundreds of billions of dollars for infrastructure projects in developing countries in an attempt ... Read More

First major air strike in Ukraine’s capital city

editor- June 26, 2022

Russia launched the largest missile barrage on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in weeks early Sunday, hours before a Group of Seven meeting convened in ... Read More

U.S. Military Urges Biden to Place Commandos in Somalia

Ahmed Seif- March 11, 2022

The American military is asking President Biden to station several hundred commandos in Somalia to help blunt the spread of al Qaeda’s aggressive local affiliate, ... Read More

Europe’s Trains Take Fighters to Ukraine, Bring Back Refugees

Ahmed Seif- March 11, 2022

The train, run by a Czech private operator, RegioJet, was on a special mission. It carried humanitarian aid to the border, as well as a ... Read More

Iran nuclear talks on hold over Russian Demands to Ease Sanctions

Ahmed Seif- March 11, 2022

Russian demands that a revised nuclear agreement with Iran shield it from sanctions halted efforts to revive the deal on Friday, just as negotiators said ... Read More

US diplomat: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine like Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait

editor- March 2, 2022

Shahenda Abdelrahim The world has been holding its breath, since the Russian operations in Ukraine started in the early hours of last Friday. Everybody around ... Read More

Russia throwing Ukrainian crisis in NATO’s court

editor- February 24, 2022

Renowned journalist and Chairman of the Board of al-Bawaba News, Abdel Rahim Ali, said ongoing incidents in Ukraine throw the Ukrainian crisis in the court ... Read More

Putin Is Repeating the USSR’s Mistakes

editor- February 24, 2022

Vladimir Putin is a product of the Cold War. Russia’s president made his career in the old Soviet intelligence service, the KGB, and he viewed ... Read More